Pharmacy Program

The pharmacy program includes a three year sequence, initiating during sophomore year to senior year. The program includes hands on activities allowing students to have a real life experience just like pharmacy technicians. Students interested in the pharmaceutical department are able to venture to universities such as St.Johns University (Partnership with Union Square Academy). Students are also required to take the PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam) to become certified pharmacy technicians during their senior year.

Program Information

Pharmacy Assisting: 
Our pharmacy assisting program is designed to give a comprehensive yet challenging experience, focusing on educational needs and the workforce demands for Certified Pharmacy Technicians. Course activities include classroom instruction and laboratory experiences designed to enhance clinical competencies needed to work in not just the pharmaceutical field, but healthcare overall.  Students also participate in various educational expeditions to different healthcare practice settings including retail pharmacies and hospitals. 
Students will also be exposed to various project-based learning rotations, where they will complete several procedural tasks like extemporaneous and sterile compounding, an essential part of pharmaceutical practice. All elements of this rigorous program prepare students to pass the nationally recognized PTCE and EXCPT exams. 
Pharmacy Assisting Sequence: 
Year 1: Health Core 
Year 2: Introduction to Pharmacy 
Year 3: Pharmacy Calculations/ Sterile Compounding 
Year 4: Pharmacy Law/ Internship 


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Tanola Dunkley
CTE/ Pharmacy Tech.


Leonela Garcia